Dr Fiona Crispie SeqBiome leaders in high quality microbiome analysis in Ireland. Microbiome microbiome analysis microbiome sequencing gut microbiome microbiome sample processing microbiome study design microbiome data analysis Shotgun, Amplicon 16s/ITS Metagenomics Metatranscriptomics, Microbiome sequencing, Pathogen detection, Custom data analysis, Shotgun, Amplicon 16s/ITS, Metatranscriptomics

Fiona graduated with a PhD in Microbiology from University College Cork, after which she was appointed to the Next Generation Sequencing Platform, in Teagasc Moorepark. This APC Microbiome Ireland Platform, which is funded through Science Foundation Ireland, is the largest such center in Ireland and recognized both nationally and internationally as a leading research platform. Fiona currently manages the Sequencing Platform on a day-to-day basis, supervising all staff working in the core. Her research interests include the human gut microbiology, its role in metabolic and mental health and its modulation by diet and exercise, as well as the effects of functional foods and pharm-biotic producing probiotics on human gut microbiology and metabolic disorders.